Deparment of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Epidemiology master students will learn more through field practice in 2nd and 3rd semester on “Evaluation of public health program” elective course (in 2nd semester), and on “Evaluation and Implementation of Surveillance Systems and Outbreak Investigation” course (in 3rd semester).  Through these courses, students are guided to evaluate one of the up-to-date public health programs and provide constructive input for the Health Service based on scientific studies. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to investigate an outbreak of a disease that develops in the 3rd semester, a new learning experience that is very valuable for students and for the District / City Health Service in DIY and Central Java.

To ensure that the Master of Public Health of Alma Ata University curriculum can provide excellent learning outcomes, especially about the evaluation and implementation of surveillance and outbreak investigation systems, UAA has developed collaboration in education and curriculum development with Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. Taiwan is a country that has a very good track record in developing surveillance systems, and has been praised by the World Health Organization (WHO) for controlling current SARS/Covid-19 virus outbreaks.


Master in Epidemiology is a master program that was specially designed to produce public health officer who has strong analysis on health problem in community and able to make correct policy decision based on scientific evidence from high quality study design.


Master in Biostatistics is a master program to hone a skill on statistical analytic and interpretation, especially health issue related statistics. Graduate student from this program can provide a correct quantitative analysis as a foundation for policy decision of public health intervention.

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