Admission Procedures

A. Applicants please directly visit the admission website of the Alma Ata University (Postgraduate Student Admission)
B. To complete the admission procedures, applicants have to submit some required documents as follows:

General requirements:
1. Have an educational background (Bachelor Degree/Bachelor of Applied Sciences) in health field
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Copy of legalized Bachelor Degree Certificate
4. Copy of legalized Bachelor Degree Academic Transcript with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.00 (scale 0-4)
5. Copy of TOEFL certificate / Alma Ata English Proficient Test (AAEPT) with minimum 450 (for reguler program) 0r 475 (for International Program)
6. Copy of Identity Card or Passport
7. Copy of Parent’s Identity Card
8. Copy of Excerpt of Birth Certificate
9. Copy of Family Card
10. Recent color Photograph with red Background (put file in CD)
11. Health certificate from doctor at hospital or clinic.

Special requirements:
1. Study permit from institution where applicants work
2. Have a passport or willing to apply for passport for international program candidate

Tuition Fee

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Link PMB  :

Contact Person
Lisa : 0813 9200 5034
Delia: 0812 2960 0897

Location :
Brawijaya St.99 Yogyakarta 55183
(0274) 434 22 88/ 434 22 70
(0274) 434 22 88